What does vinyl film stick to?

What can you wrap?
Simply, anything the vinyl will stick to, both exterior and interior as well as marine and architectural applications.
This can actually be a tricky question that sometimes only answered when tried out… having said that we can confidently say that our vinyl films will stick to any painted surface on a vehicle and most smooth non-porous materials (bare metal, plastic, etc.). It will not stick to some interior vehicle surfaces, such as rubber (soft or hard), leather, and some other non-painted, ribbed or in other ways non-smooth plastics. The best thing is if you are not sure to order some sample swatches for $5 or large samples for $26 and try to stick it to your target surface to see how well it holds. If it doesn’t hold at all, you can’t wrap it, but even if it holds lightly, install it and squeegee it over the surface then wait at least 12 hours then see how well it holds. The glue needs at least 12 hours to set itself to it’s full grip (tack). You can hasten the setting of the glue by heating the vinyl.