xEconomy Carbon Fiber


Ships only to continental USA & Canada!
Made in China & shipped directly from China.
Shipping is 6 to 10 business days anywhere in continental USA & Canada
*Duties (taxes) & handling fees may be charged at time of delivery by FedEx*
Finish/Texture: Matte & Glossy / Carbon Fiber (embossed pattern on 3D)
Thickness: 4.7 mils
Outdoor Life: 2-3 years, some shrinkage may occur over-time.
Indoor Life: 4-5 years, some shrinkage may occur over-time.
Adhesive: Rapid-tack with air release channels (bubble free).
Application Method: Dry only!
Conformability: Medium
Usage: Exterior & interior applications, car wraps, vehicles, boats, architectural.
Skill level needed for installation: Low

Product Information


  • 3D Carbon Fiber & 4D Glossy Carbon Fiber Car Vinyl Wrap with Air Channels.
  • Economy vinyl wrap is a calendered Chinese made vinyl film directly from China.
  • Product may be used on curved and complex shaped surfaces. This vinyl wrap film suits the requirements needed to conform to a vehicle.
  • Adhesive is rapid stick, which means it is at it’s full tack right away, the glue does not need heat or pressure activation and is not time sensitive. Due to this adhesive property it is much more difficult to apply as our Pro, Premium & 3M line vinyl wrap films. This is a cheap vinyl wrap, not professional quality.
  • The material has a tendency of shrinking over time and has a very strong memory. Installation has to be done carefully and post heating being critical so it does not move back from the edges.
  • Highly recommend using primer on edges.
  • Width of rolls: 5 feet / 1.52 meters


You can apply your Economy CWS films on a wide variety of surfaces. These surfaces must be clean, dry and free from any surface contaminants such as wax, grease or oils. Even surfaces that appear clean by the eye should be cleaned before application. General-use cleaning product will help clean larger surfaces. Grease and wax remover will help remove any contaminants. Make sure the edges, neighboring panels and any surfaces the vinyl will be applied to is thoroughly cleaned. Just before wrapping a section go-over it again with some Isopropyl alcohol – also known as rubbing alcohol.

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