Ultra Gloss®, Premium Plus, Pro XPO, Architectural, PPF


Claim decisions are made together by CWS agents and VViViD techs who are industry professionals.  Contact CWS by email with pictures attached to get the process started.

  • Please note that all claim decisions are final and non-negotiable. Any false or fraudulent claims will be immediately denied and/or forwarded to the correct authorities where further legal actions may be taken. Claims are evaluated by VViViD technicians who are industry professionals.  VViViD technicians are not reachable by phone or email. Please make sure to provide any information deemed necessary to validate your claim, as well as all information required by CWS & VVIVID. All submitted documents (photos, videos, etc.) must be clear, complete and easily identifiable. Also, make sure not to discard any of the original product and original packaging until a final decision has been made.

  • Technical information about VViViD Vinyl products are based upon testing by VViViD Vinyl. These tests are considered extremely reliable but does not imply a guarantee or warranty based on this information.  All VViViD Vinyl products are to be used for it’s intended purpose. Any warranty claim made whereby the product was used outside the scope of it’s intended application may be denied. As well, all VVIVID Vinyl products must be kept clear of any chemicals, contaminants or environmental conditions deemed to be harmful to the integrity of the product.

  • CWS’s & VViViD Vinyl’s Obligation and liability for defective material shall not exceed the original purchase price paid by purchaser.  In no way is CWS & VViViD Vinyl liable for any incidental or consequential damages and costs beyond original purchase price, whether as a result of defects in the product or not, whether discovered before or after installation or caused by VViViD Vinyl’s negligence.

  • Please note that an accepted refund can only be done through the payment method originally used by the buyer. In the case where multiple products were part of the same order, only the value of the product deemed defective can be redeemable.

  • Please be sure to carefully examine the product prior to installation/use. Several materials have uneven finishes over large surfaces (greater or equal to 4 sq.ft) including but not limited to: holographic, air-tint, leather.  These films may be eligible for a warranty claim using the 2-panel rule (only the material cost for 2 panels are redeemable).


  • Life Expectancy: The life expectancy displayed on materials is based on raw material data. We do not warrant this term in our guarantee.

  • Guaranteed Life (warrantied time): This refers to the time (beginning one month after purchase) that the material is covered.

  • Reduced Warranty: This refers to the guaranteed life of the vinyl ( beginning one month after purchase ) that is reduced due to harsh environments. (hot, arid desert areas with high heat and UV exposure)


  1. All VViViD products are guaranteed to be free from manufacturer defects within 2 years after the delivery date. VVIVID Vinyl products should always be stored indoors vertically in cool, dry area (70 °F (21 °C)) and adequately elevated above the ground.​

  2. Any accepted warranty claim filed over 30 days from the delivery date shall be limited to either a product replacement or store credit. In the case where a replacement is deemed impractical, CWS shall issue a store credit up to the original purchase price. The decision and/or credit amount is at the discretion of CWS.

  3. Any accepted warranty claim filed under 30 days from the delivery date can be redeemed for a replacement, exchange, or refund decided by the buyer.


  1. Adhesive Failure where large portions of glue are separating from the material is covered by VViViD Vinyl and will be replaced or refunded under warranty.  CWS nor Vvivid warrant (reimburse for) the cost of removal.

  2. Surface failure where shrinkage of the material is deemed excessive (at the discretion of VViViD Vinyl Officer) will be replaced or refunded under warranty. (Photo reference required)

  3. Full Surface failure where lamination is peeling from itself on most of the vehicle within 2 years will be replaced under warranty. (Photo references required)

  4.  In the event where a finish, color or texture deteriorates, fades or cracks prematurely will be replaced or refunded under warranty.


All non metallic gloss films have a 2.5 year warranty. This includes films in the XPO and VVIVID+ lines. ( “Gloss” Black, White, Lime Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Pink etc..)

All non metallic matte films have a 2.5 year warranty. This includes films in the XPO and VVIVID+ lines. ( “Gloss” Black, White, Lime Green, Electric Lime, Blue, Red, Orange, Pink etc..)

All supercast chromes require professional installation by a level 3 certified installer for warranty up to the purchase amount of the product. Warranty must be submitted by the installer not client.


Our vinyl finishes are marine safe, however due to the many extra steps needed on behalf of the installer to guarantee a proper install and many other external factors we cannot warranty any of these installations.


All Warranty Claims must be accompanied by several well lit photos of the affected area as well as the whole product.

If the roll of vinyl looks damaged upon arrival do not use the material, take photographs of the product and contact us right away for further instructions. The Warranty technician appointed to your case reserves the right to ask for more photographs if the ones sent are not adequate.

For a expedited resolution to your warranty claim please have all the information and photographs ready before you contact us.


There is no warranty for Economy line products.


Warranty information starts on page 4 in the below pdf document: